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Why Georgia Advantages

Located in the South Caucasus, Georgia shares borders with Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Geographically, Georgia is Eurasian, on the border between Europe and Asia, with direct access to the Black Sea. It has had a cooperation agreement and partnership with the EU since 1999, and maintains close relations with Germany. This cooperation facilitates trade. In addition to tea, citrus fruits and wine, you can find…

The advantages:

Well-trained and linguistically talented staff

Taxation under Georgian law

Who we are?

Our international team

What do we offer?

We don’t just want to advise you on your idea, we want to be with you all the way. Working with lawyers, accountants and interpreters, we offer a complete package for setting up your business in Georgia. Benefit from our experience and international contacts. Whether it is legal, tax, property or a personal on-site inspection, whatever your questions or concerns, we can provide answers and solutions.

Company foundation

Private and corporate account

Open a personal account with a Georgian bank without having to travel to Georgia. With a power of attorney from you, we will open the account for you. We will be happy to advise you on which bank is right for you and your interests.

The company account is opened within a few days and can be managed via internet banking. You will also receive a Visa card.

In addition to Georgia’s legal, customs and tax conditions, the high level of privacy is a major part of the attractive offer. Georgia does not participate in the automatic exchange of information.

It is generally possible to open a bank account without having a registered office in Georgia. However, this requires more effort. We will be happy to explain to you in detail what options are available to you in terms of company domicile.

Headquarters in Georgia

Georgia stands out for the ease with which it is possible to set up a company branch. Since 2018, the country has been working to enable and simplify the digitalisation of companies and bank accounts. This means that, as a foreign investor, you can set up and manage your registered office online.

In general, Georgia’s tax system is territorial, meaning that foreign income is not taken into account.


5% Dividend tax (on profit distribution)

Max. 1% Real estate tax

18% value added tax

20% Income tax (local only)

15% Corporation tax (on profit distribution)

Georgia’s tax regime is particularly attractive to the IT industry. To qualify for the IT Zone, your company must employ people in Georgia and your customers must not be Georgians. Once your company’s status as a limited liability company or joint stock company has been approved by the Georgian Ministry of Finance, you benefit from a high level of tax exemption.


No corporate tax

No dividend tax

Only withholding tax on profit distribution

For many other industries, a ‘free zone’ offers tax relief. There are currently 4 such zones in Georgia, which can be operated by private individuals for a monthly fee.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how the Georgian tax system may affect you. No matter how much information is available on the internet, we will tailor it to your specific project.

Become resident

There are several ways to become a resident of Georgia. Without becoming a Georgian citizen, you can apply for a residence card. The first 360 days of your stay in Georgia are visa-free. This period is intended to allow you, as an investor or company founder, to investigate your options. For actual residency, the following three options can be processed quickly and easily: 1. Work permit: You provide proof of work in an active (bank statements, invoices, etc.) company based in Georgia by registering as an employee of your own company. This work permit is valid for one year and can be extended. 2. Through the purchase of real estate currently valued at a minimum of USD 100,000, which must be confirmed by an appraiser. This residency must also be renewed annually by submitting the appropriate documents. 3. The residence with investments of at least USD 300,000 is actually permanent. However, the taxable income is checked annually and must be at least USD 50,000 in the first year, USD 100,000 in the second year and USD 120,000 in the third year, either on an individual or corporate level. Permanent residency will only be granted once this requirement has been met. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss which residency is best for you and your project, and to explain the advantages and disadvantages.

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Real estate purchase

There are many reasons for buying property in Georgia. Whether you are interested in property investment or buying for your own use, we can help you with the choice and location of your property.

We currently have apartments available in modern new buildings in both Batumi, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, and in the business city of Tbilisi. These apartments are located in hotel-operated buildings and offer their owners the benefits of a luxury holiday combined with ownership. You benefit from a concierge service, security and reception, use of the fitness centre, casino and restaurant, and the option to rent out the apartment when you are not using it. Again, we work with companies who will do this for you for a fee.

Exposés are available to give you a first impression of the buildings under construction, the room layouts and the different price ranges.